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  • Boarding school

    28 novembre 2011

    little moments of happiness with a beautiful cross of honor time of intense preparation looking into a small American military bag before leaving again ... Monday mornings in the rush when they go back to their boarding school, and Fridays exited full...

  • Mild weather

    21 novembre 2011

    We roam, we walk around... Marseille is a charming, unusual city... And then, there are perfumes, colors, flavors connected to the South. Mediterranean sea bream cooked in olive oil and pepper of Sichuan. Moroccan basket a little "bling-bling". On déambule,...

  • Blessed Advent season

    19 décembre 2011

    Cristmas mysteries... To wonder (not exclusively in interior design) To hope (like our figures at the Christmas crib, we expect...) To get delight from preparing to give self made little gifts (Marguerite is involving herself in knitting) And the grace...

  • Girls corner

    09 janvier 2012

    Outdated and old-fashioned yet inspiring, a nice vintage American wallpaper will cover girls bedroom walls. Shelves to install... antique chairs with patina... coming busy days to improve and decorate a time-worn bedroom. Step by step, one goes far. Leonie...

  • Knitting

    16 janvier 2012

    An ordinary Saturday... The girls discover enjoyments of chochet and knitting: socks, scarfs, mittens... Minds got really exited with thrilling projects. We discover how mild can be winter in Marseille. A squirrel now appends our curiosity list in the...

  • Manners can be fun

    23 janvier 2012

    A very nice discovery while we were in the United States, Munro leaf, child litterature author, who wrote the famous "Manners can be fun" in New-York in 1936. This small book recounts the art and ways of behaving in society. It is a small good manners...

  • Manners can be fun II

    06 février 2012

    And there are more than manners when eating. There is also the morning schedule, wake up then tidy up your room.. A true daily challenge: We get up in the morning when we should and we don't have to be called more than once. We wash ourselves and brush...

  • Manners can be fun III

    13 février 2012

    It may seem that it is a detail but according to Munro Leaf: We don't choke because we don't drink when we still have food in our mouths. I would like to make it clear that nothing is a given at home. Those little posts are like booster shots for me too!...

  • Pep Shoes

    19 février 2012

    At home, everybody is enthusiastic, including Ernest our deer, about changing shoestrings with new colorful ones on sometimes worn shoes. Purple, orange, blue, gray, pink... It is trendy and... low-budget. Cute stands are from this litte store. Thank...

  • Happy Lent

    26 février 2012

    Holidays are beginning and Lent too. A lot of projects are ongoing, sewing, drawing, doing crochet, knitting and... resting. A prototype of Gerard Darel purse crochet-made to achieve and to line. And a great video (In French) that I like to share for...

  • Four girls to clothe

    05 mars 2012

    I always struggled with American fashion, which led me to sew heavily again because I did not fall in love with clothing for my daughters. For my sons, American fashion was easier to reach. Back in France, I slowly resume to sew. I do not know yet what...

  • Four girls to clothe II

    12 mars 2012

    Adrienne wears a home made apron dress with extended and lined sleeves, as always, to allow better roll up and ressemble Sunday afternoons country style look. I love it. I started with a pattern - raglan sleeves, with neck elastic. But, I follwed on directly...

  • Four girls to clothe III

    18 mars 2012

    My daughter can take over. Antoinette discovered crochet and cannot stop it. She completed a little ball-spots bag inspired by Isabelle Kessedjian. Congratulations and thanks for your nice gift. La relève est assurée. Antoinette a découvert le crochet...

  • Sewing for dummies

    26 mars 2012

    Bloomer is still trendy and even my oldest girls wear it. For those who have few or no time to sew or who struggle with patterns, here is an easy-to-achieve project with an oversized boxer shorts for men. Simply unstich a little bit the hem edge seam...

  • Packaging

    02 avril 2012

    An outfit from Monoprix for a Spring newborn baby. I did the packaging from an old Marseille map. On both sides, I sewed two small buttons made with mother-of-pearl. The enveloppe is sealed with a ribbon or a two-colored string. Un petit ensemble Monoprix...

  • Little Jo

    16 avril 2012

    For Tiphaine P. and for all my regular customers who are asking for a very long time about framing ideas for their red chalk protraits, here is a quite classical idea. Its single touch of originality is the 24x24 cm - about 10x10 in - frame. That's a...

  • Teen dress

    07 mai 2012

    Overworked... because of competitive examinations and exams for my children, comings and goings, communions and pilgrimages, my other half departure, drawings and the appartment renovation. It is difficult to save time to sew. Yet, here is a great finding...

  • Teen dress II

    16 septembre 2012

    Une histoire de col amovible... Une très belle idée à exploiter, probablement sur des modèles hiver. Les idées sont là ! Adrienne porte une robe home made Valantoine agrementée d'un col Claudine. Tissus : Purlsoho & La Droguerie It is all about a removable...

  • Back to school

    09 septembre 2012

    Merci beaucoup à toutes, vos encouragements qui m'ont profondément touchée... Je vous souhaite une belle rentrée, riche en créativité, bonnes résolutions et petits bonheurs familiaux. A très vite... Thanks a lot to all of you, for your encouragements...

  • Good news

    11 novembre 2012

    J'ai la joie d'avoir enfin reçu mon numéro Siret : 751771783 00014 ... qui me permet d'avoir le statut d'artiste ! Un grand merci pour vos commandes, votre patience (Je peux être parfois très longue), vos encouragements et votre fidélité. Et j'aurai d'autres...

  • Printed cushions pour Domitille

    18 novembre 2012

    Voici ma participation à la très belle vente qui aura lieu ici le 24 novembre à 10h. Aider Domitille, c'est le choix formidable de deux blogueuses. Réaliser des cadeaux en Liberty, c'est le challenge de toutes les autres. Je propose un tableau et deux...

  • Crochet bag II

    25 novembre 2012

    Journée d'automne... Des branchages de saison Une vielle photo jaunie de souvenirs de vacances Les très belles illustrations de Feodor Rojankowski (artite Russe qui illustra dès 1933 les albums du Père Castor) et... un sac à pois de plus ! Antoinette...

  • En Avent

    02 décembre 2012

    "Cette année, faisons autrement. Organisons nous pour vivre l'Avent paisiblement. Préparer notre coeur prend du temps et demande une certaine sérénité. Préparer Noël aussi. Ce n'est pas du temps perdu mais du temps donné pour ceux que nous aimons" Merci...

  • La belle et la bête

    16 décembre 2012

    Encore une histoire de col amovible... Léonie porte une robe en laine home made réalisée par elle et pour l'agrémenter un col très grand siècle, une double collerette en popeline de coton. Un joli mix entre laine et coton, entre tenue chic et tenue ville....

  • MPC style

    10 février 2013

    Pour mes ados, je deviens une inconditionnelle des tuniques smokées de MPC, avec un jean et une besace en daim, elles n'ont rien à envier au look Yam de Bonpoint. Les finitions sont parfaites et Céline s'adapte aux impératifs de chacune avec beaucoup...

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